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The goals of this project include:


This project investigates how in situ infrastructure, such as roads, well pads, and culverts, impact wetland hydrology. Research will focus on how hydrologic changes relate to waterfowl habitat across varying wetland types.  

Carbon Dynamics

The hydrologic changes observed in varying wetland types across in situ infrastructure will be related to wetland carbon dynamics. Further, plant community composition and peat accumulation rates will be quantified.

Remote Sensing

The timing of the wetland response to in situ infrastructure installation will be analzyed through remote sensing tools. Area of old and new installation will be investigated to quantify wetland response

Stockpiled peat

Stockpiled peat from clearcut areas will be monitored for changes to plant community composition, carbon dynamics, and erosion rates. Through this analysis, methods of treatment for stockpiled peat can be proposed.

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