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Volunteer's Opportunities

Foster and Adopt
Always looking for Families willing to Adopt or Foster a fatherless child. Not only young couple who find adoption as a way to start a family. But also empty nesters who can offer their wisdom after raising a family.

Respite Care
(Defined as "short term provide relief to the regular care giver") No mater how wonderful, committed and loving a parent is circumstances may arise where a trusted and qualified person is need to allow the family to regroup and become refreshed. This not a baby-sitter, but a qualified person who has under gone training as well as back ground checks.

Social Workers and Attorneys of Law
Willing to donate their time to defer some of the adoption costs.

Support Opportunities

First and always lift us up in prayer.
Pray that resources open to the family considering this call.
That the gospel is shared any time a child is placed with a family.
That Christians will fill the gap that the world is eager to.
That those considering adoption or fostering do not grow weary and that a hedge of protection is placed around them.
Pray that the children who are not adopted will still hear and answer to the call of Christ. And pray that our strength and focus always remain in the will of the Father.

Clothing and Equipment Donations
Gently used Clothing of all sizes from Preemie-Babies to Teen-agers Equipment like car seats, strollers to bikes.

Financial Support
Like all missions, your financial support goes a long way to help us Challenge the Christian Churches as will provide assistance needed in the processes of adoption and care of the Fatherless.


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